Oct 022014

projectProject X is a secret government installation, hiding under an umbrella corporation known as the Global DNA Institute. The Global DNA Institute seems to be a normal company claiming to do research for cures such as, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and work for the military helping them create medicine to make the soldiers last longer and be stronger. The Institute gives daily tours showing off their wonderful facilities…Or so they thought! A disgruntled employee has leaked documents and has hijacked the tours showing people what they really do there! Botched experimentations, and toxin research causing all of the patients and test subjects to terminate and yet seemingly coming back to life in another form. Explore the old government bunker operating rooms, and confusing mazes all while trying to escape from the escaped patients and experiments gone wrong!

Come & See the only Adult themed Haunted House in Las Vegas!

Dec 022013

Two of a Kind

½ bottle or a Moet Napa + 1 pitcher of beer. Gratuity Included.

Maximum Number of People 2

PRICE: $170.00 click2