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Get Ready For Action At The Palomino

April 26, 2018  |   9:52 pm

Yes, ladies and gents another week has passed us by. Things were extremely hectic with the Golden Knights sweeping L.A. in a four-game winning streak. Let’s hope they can repeat their performance against their next opponent. NAB also came to town and with it brought a sizable number of visitors to our city. Palomino was no exception to the rule with a line of people out the door. Things will most likely continue to ramp up as we move into the summer time months. As the writer of this humble blog post would like to remind you all to book your packages and transportation services as quickly as possible. We welcome everyone to the club even if you haven’t booked anything at all and just decide to wander in and see what is going on. However, with that said I would also like to point out that we only have room for so many bodies in the building and believe me that is saying a lot considering the history of this great club. So, come on down and see what the talk is all about. You certainly don’t have to take my word on it alone.

Our Best Regards,
The Staff at The Palomino